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      2011/10/17, “the second class of international plant extraction processing theory and the technology
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      on the morning October 17, 2011, sponsors, Hunan Agricultural college by the technical department to undertake “the second session of international plant extraction processing theory and the technology” the training class starting work ceremony holds in Changsha Hunan Agricultural college. From Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, hoodwink ancient, North Korea, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran and Sudan and so on more than 10 national 21 students participate in this training. Technical department China science Assistant Deputy Office Chief technological exchange center Xiao Yi, the Hunan Province science and technology hall international cooperation place concerned personnel attend the opening ceremony and speak. Hunan Agricultural college is of one of the Chinese plant extraction technological innovation center and personnel training centers, has the national plant function ingredient using the engineering technology Research center, the technical department medicinal plant resources international cooperation studies state-levels and so on base to research and develop the platform and the research team, has to prepare the laboratory development, experimental and the industrialization scale production third-level enlargement condition, constructed a set to have the international advanced level to be able the ingredient to separate in plant merit purifies, the qualitative quota, the construction effect and the group effect relations research, aspect and so on functionality terminal product development systems. Through this training class, not only may promote our country and the developing country friendship, moreover for student thorough understanding China's for medicinal purposes the plant extraction's extraction, the separation craft theory and technical, the function ingredient analysis and the examination, the plant active constituent's production application with sells to sell, as well as the Hunan Province agriculture modernization level has provided the platform, and will impel our country plant extraction vanguard technology, the quality product and is related the processing machinery “to walk”. Hunan plant extraction association enterprise Changsha Nutramax Inc. Dr.  Dragon Chang/ChangshaYuanhang Mr. Xi Yi to and so on to attend "International Extraction Training class" starting work ceremony.

      Hunan Agricultural college/second session "International Plant Extraction Technology Training class" starting work

      Professor Liu Zhonghua speech

      Changsha Nutramax Inc./  Dr. Dragon Chang
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