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      Congratulations to Hunan Province Botanical Extracts Association Meeting is ceremoniously held .
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      On May 28 , 2014 , The EstablishmentMeeting of Hunan Province Botanical Extracts Association is ceremoniously heldat Changsha QinTian Hotel. 46 member and related administrative departmentattended this meeting . China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & HealthProducts

      as well as Chinese Plant ExtractAssociation Branch has give their best wishes .


      Hunan Province Commerce Department , HunanCivil Affairs Department , CCPIT Hunan Sub-Council , Changsha Customs District, Changsha Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau has attached greatimportance to Hunan Plant Extract Association .They have sent the mainleadership and commissioner to attend this meeting and made importantinstructions in the founding conference and given their valuable suggestions& congratulations during the meeting .


      Hunan Province is one of the cradles of theChinese plant extracts industry development ,Since the early 1890 s the startof Plant Extract, Hunan plant extract industry has been leading the trends ofChinese plant extracts and play a leading position . As one of the nationalexport base for plant extracts production, Hunan has payed a huge role inpromoting the development of plant extracts this emerging industry . Noexaggeration to say, The booming development of Plant Extract industry can’tignore the China's "Hunan Botanical Extract Army ". In recent years,the plant industry is prosperous!


      Along with the establishment of HBEA, wewill further implementing and regulating the development of Hunan BotanicalExtract Industries, promoting the competition of Hunan Botanical Extractenterprises. Our Hunan Botanical Extract Army will definitely make Hunan becomeInternationalBotanical Extract Industries Base

      Hunan Nutramax Inc. Is the president unitof HBEA, its Chairman Dragon Chang takes up the post of president.

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