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      【Top news】Hunan Nutramax Inc. successfully obtained 《SC》 of Mogrosides .
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      In the morning of February 28, 2017, the ChairmanMr. Chang BaoTang brought a good news that the working group led by Mr. ChangGuoxiong, the Food division of Nutramax has successfully applied for SC certificationfor Hunan SweetMax Inc., the factory of Hunan Nutramax Inc.

      Up to now, Hunan Nutra-Max Inc. hassuccessfully passed the Halal, ISO 22000, ISO9001, Kosher, CGMP, foodproduction license and other certification and provide reliable qualityassurance for domestic and foreign customers.

      Hunan NutraMax is based on healthindustries and it’s main products are plant extract products , including MonkFruit Extract, Sweet Tea Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract as well as other Natural Sweetenersand has integrated a whole service chain including raw material, plant extractand health supplement. It belongs to high tech enterprise and now has its ownplanting base and advanced plant extract factory and a wholly owned salessubsidiary in LA, US.

      In recent years, Hunan Nutramax Inc striveto develop the natural sweetener project and successfully obtained Monk FruitExtract patent and Sweet Tea Extract patent etc. Monk Fruit Extract, Sweet Tea Extractand Stevia Leaf Extract produced by our company have been sold to both domesticand foreign markets, and received wide appreciation. The possession of the SCcertification lays a solid foundation for further development of company.

       Inthe future, our company will commit to develop natural sweetener, enhanceinnovation, further strengthen product technical advantages, optimize productsupply, promote the upgrade and the development of Plant Extract Industry .


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