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      【Top news】Hunan Nutramax Inc. successfullyobtained 《NSF-cGMP certificate》(certificate code:C0316934-01)from NSF International (NSF)in March 30th, 2017.
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      Hunan Nutramax Inc. successfullyobtained NSF-cGMP certificate》(certificate codeC0316934-01from NSF International(NSFinMarch 30th, 2017.

      What is cGMP certificate?

      cMGP is theabbreviation of Current Good Manufacture Practices and all the process ofproduction and transportation must be tested, it’s a leading internationalstandard of pharmaceutical production. cGMP is the GMP executed by US, Europe,Japan and other countries and it’s called the “International GMP”.

      Nutramax USA Inc.

      Hunan NutraMax is based on health industriesand it’s main products are plant extract products , including Monk Fruit Extract,Sweet Tea Extract, Stevia LeafExtract as well as other Natural Sweeteners andhas integrated a whole service chain including raw material, plant extract andhealth supplement. It belongs to high tech enterprise and now has its ownplanting base and advanced plant extract factory and a wholly owned salessubsidiary in LA, US.

      Hunan Nutramax Inc has so far obtained SC,ISO9001,ISO22000,Halal,Kosher,cGMP, BRC and FSSC22000 certificate and is applying for GRAS,UDSA and ECOCERTcertificate.


      NSF-cGMP certificate can bring benefits forcompany’s plant extract researchproductionsales and development in health supplement industry andreasonable production managing skills.

      It can also improve employees’ working skillsand the awareness of product quality and company’s recognition,reputation andcompetitiveness.

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