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      Sweet Tea Extract

      Product Code:64849-39-4
      Main components:Rubusoside

      Product Description:

      Sweet Tea Extract
      Botanical Name: Rubus suavissimus
      Specification: 70% Rubusoside HPLC
      CAS No.: 64849-39-4
      Molecular Formula: C32H50O13

      The Sweet Tea Extract, manufactured by Hunan Nutramax Inc., is a kind of natural sweetener. The sweet taste from the leaf is attributed to the presence of diterpene glucosides, dominated by the major sweet principle rubusoside. Rubusoside is commonly known as either Sweet Tea Extract or Chinese Blackberry Extract. Rubusoside is a Diterpene Glycoside, composing of steviol and glucoside, lower energy but higher sweet, 300 times than sugar. Rubusoside has a slightly bitter aftertaste, but it is about 115 times sweeter than sucrose at a concentration of 0.025%, making it a good candidate for a natural sweetener. 
      1. To tonify the kidney.
      2. To decrease blood pressure.
      3. To remove the phlegm and relieve a cough
      4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects.
      Food,Drink,Cold snack,Condiment,Health Food,Cosmetic.

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