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          Hunan NutraMax Inc. R&D Center wasestablished in July, 2003. It has cooperation with Hunan Agriculture Universityand Hunan Natural Products Engineering Technology Research Center, combiningwith Hunan Agriculture University Natural Products Research Center and itsPlant component separation technology center. In 2003, Hunan Natural ProductsEngineering Technology Research Center become one of Chinese importantlaboratory. Under the leading of Professor Larkin Liu, international well-knownplant scientists. The research main points are as follows:

          1 The separation and purification ofnatural products

          2. The assayof natural ingredients and quality analysis

          3. TheFunctions and Medical usages of natural ingredients

          4. Biotechnologycollection and plant resources utilization

          5. Directlymodified natural products according to customer demand

          6. Safetyassessment of the natural ingredients


          Hunan NutraMax Inc. R&D team consistsof15 researchers, most of them have PHD or Master’s degree in plant extractmajor. The center not only has advanced equipment to analyze naturalingredients, but also lies leading position in identify new components.Meanwhile, it makes the production level derive from lab to model production.

          Extraction Test

          With multi-function extraction device,ultrasonic extraction equipment, water bath pot, etc., used in laboratoryresearch and development of extraction technology;

          The refined laboratory

          With ceramic membrane, membrane equipment,enrichment equipment, centrifuges, chromatography column and other equipment,used for separation and purification technology research and development

          Chromatographic column

          Used for purification of natural products,to obtain high levels of target product;

          Ultrasonic extraction equipment

          By ultrasonic extraction of cavitationeffect, mechanical effect and thermal effect to improve the efficiency of extraction;

          Reverse osmosis membrane device

          Under the action of high pressure, onlywater through the membrane, will leave to other material and water quality,which have the effect of a preliminary enrichment extract;

          Microfiltration ceramic membrane equipment

          Under the effect of pressure, the extractor membrane of the lateral flow in the membrane tube, small molecules (orliquid) through the membrane, intercept, macromolecular substances (or solid)capsule to filtration,achieve concentration and initial purification purposes;

          Rotary evaporator

          Using the vacuum conditions, thecharacteristics of solvent extraction of boiling point lower efficiently atrelatively low temperatures to concentrated extract

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