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      Quality Management System of NutraMaxcovers the overall process of product manufacturing.

      Raw materials, packaging materials:

      Hunan NutraMax purchases the raw materials andpackaging materials from suppliers which are qualified by supplier's QSassessment panel.

      Raw materials and packing materials aretested in laboratory first and then are put into use.

      Materials without inspection can't be put intouse absolutely.

      Manufacturing Control:

      QA staff monitor the overall process ofproduct manufacturing and ensure the manufacturing process meets GMPrequirements.

      Product Release:

      After ensuring the manufacturing processmeets GMP requirements and each testing data meets quality standards,the staffof QA department will approval product release.

      Enterprise regards the product quality asown duty,to ensure the product quality,Hunan NutraMax Inc.puts into large fundand vigor to perfect quality monitoring.Advanced quality test and analyticalinstrument effectively guarantee the accuracy of test results.

      The QC with professional knowledge andstrong responsibility test the samples strictly according to the governmentstandard and execute the principle"Unqualified products can't be sentout."


      LC-8 Apreparative liquidchromatograph--Applies to analysis column separation conditions to explore,load, and divide the liquid purity test

      LC-20AT High performance liquidchromatograph from shimadzu--Streaming solution is a double pump transmissionunit.It provides high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with higheraccuracy and sensitivity

      Trisep-2100Pressurizedcapillary chromatograph--Is applied to the analysis of bioactive peptides, theanalysis of the components of Chinese herbal medicine, polysaccharide, etc, toestablish the fingerprint of Chinese herbal medicine

      Thin layer chromatogramscanner--Used in all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, natural products,and quantitative analysis of organic compounds and drugs


       HPTLCHPTLC--Using siliconparticles size distribution is very narrow agent (5-10 um) preparationefficient thin layer board,Application multistage deployment or garden oftechnology makes greatly improve the sensitivity and resolution of thin layerchromatography


      GC --Suitable for theapplication of solvent residueSmell analysisInk solvent residualsolvent purityanalysis etc.



      Techcomp 7900Efficient gaschromatograph----Suitable for the application of solvent residual, odor,printing ink solvent residual, solvent purity analysis .


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