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        Hunan Nutramax Inc., established in 2008, located in High-tech district of Changsha, Hunan. In 2014, it has successfully been listed into “New Third Board” enterprises, stock: Hunan Nutramax, Stock number: 831319. Basing on health industries, Hunan Nutramax mainly deals with Plant Extract products and has integrated a whole service chain including raw material, plant extract and health supplement. It belongs to high-tech enterprise and now has its own planting base, advanced plant extract factory, and a wholly owned sales subsidiary in LA, USA, North America. Integrity, Pragmatism, Unity, Innovation are uphold as our company culture. With many years of experience, Hunan Nutramax enjoyed a good reputation and has been fully approved as Drafter of China Plant Extract Association Standard and President of Hunan Botanical Extract Association (HBEA).


        Up to now , Hunan NutraMax has been successfullydeveloped 240 kinds of Standard Extracts and there are more than 900 types ofBotanical Extracts can be manufactured in our factory , With annual productioncapacity more than 1000 Tons , Hunan NutraMax has passed GMP, ISO,KOSHER,HALALCertificates ;


        The Main Products are as follows : Sweet Tea Leaf Extract, Luo Han Guo Extract, Ginseng Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Stevia Extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract(Polydatin, Resveratrol), Grape Skin Extract, Fruit Concentrate Juice Powder, Marigold Extract, Capsicum Oleoresin , Epimedium Extract, Vine Tea Extract(Myricetin,Dihydromyriectin) etc . Above which theproduction process and quality are in the industry advanced level .


        Hunan NutraMax has a strict quality standards inthe production process and quality control process which guarantee thestability of products quality effectively ;The company's products with itssuperior quality and competitive prices sell well in more than 40 countries andregions including Europe and United States, Japan ,Southeast Asia etc.

        Strong market development ability andstrong quality consciousness is the key to the success of the company .


        The company enjoyed the China's top teamcomposed by Dr.s & Masters in cross chemical plants,Traditional Chinese Pharmacology,Biotechnology,Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Modern Instrumental Analysis & the mostadvanced equipment for R&D and quality testing in China Botanical ExtractsIndustry .


        Hunan NutraMax has a closely technicalcooperation with famous domestic research institutions such as Hunan Universityof Chinese Medicine ,Hunan Agricultural University ,Natural products researchcenter of Hunan Province, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine etc.


        Hunan NutraMax Core Value “People Oriented “,” Keeppace with the times ” of humanistic spirit , Positive response "The Party'sAdvanced Nature Education", conscientiously implement "scientificdevelopment", to strive for the largest contribution to the "HarmoniousSociety" for our country .


        We sincerely hope to be able to cooperatewith the nationwide and the world's aspiring friends .

        Let’s advance bravely for the Development& Advancement of Botanical Extracts Industry and  forge ahead for the great ideals of “ Modernizationof TCM  ” & “Internationalization oftraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ” !

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