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          Hunan Nutramax Inc.'s Honor

          1.In December 2009, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department has been identified as: "High-tech Enterprise";

          2. In August 2009, was named Ali Baba: "Hunan excellent network operators";

          3.  in June 2011, was named high-tech zones in Changsha City: "Independent Brand Award";

          4. In December 2012, was named high-tech zones in Changsha City: "invention patent award";

          5. In December 2012, was named Ali Baba: "Hunan Ten Network," the honorary title;

          6.In June 2013, has been named Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry: "Green Man" in Hunan Province;

          7. In December 2013, is Made in China named: "Audited Supplier";

          8. In November 2013, By Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce as: "a plant extract industry standard-setting unit"

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