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      Chairman Address

      Dear Friends,


      Thank you for your kind attention to HunanNutramax Inc.


      NutraMax is a high-tech enterprise whichintegrates producing, researching and marketing of plant extract. It dedicatesin human health and provides pure natural plant extract material to Food,Pharmaceutical, Cosmetical enterprises. Meanwhile, we are developing purenatural health food for our own brand.


      Over these years, NutraMax , as a famousbrand in the field of plant extract, is enjoying immense popular support fromcustomers, peers and suppliers, hence it is developing with a very fast rate.NutraMax’s business principle is that under the condition of sincerity, seekimprovement in stability for we are not aiming at be No.1 in this field but bethe most respectable enterprise.


      As our Chinese old saying puts that “Tolerancebrings respect and gratitudes goes to supporters”, NutraMax’s expand can’tdepart from your supports which we will also keep in mind and strive to giveback to society, with all for the sake of human health.


      Hereby, on behalf of all of our people, Iwould like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you, let’s be forever friendsto fight together for human health, to realize our same dream, to make themotherland be more beautiful and to make the food be safer.


      With high respect,

      Hunan NutraMax Inc.

      Dragon Chang

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