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      Raw material resources is the motive power ofenterprise development, but also contested business, plant extracts industrydependence on raw material resources is particularly prominent. Hunan NutraMax Inc.attaches great importance to the recycling of raw material resources to developa vision of sustainable development, the use of "Research + Base + Farmer+Company" model of cooperation, the construction of a number of varietiesof plant resources in the GAP standardized planting base , effectively ensurethe supply of raw materials, making raw material quality is highlycontrollable.

      Luo Han Guo Plant Base: Hunan NutraMaxInc.cooperates with Hunan Huaihua Luo Han Guo Association establishing morethan 3000 acres Luo Han Guo GAP standardized planting base in Huaihua, the basehas the typical quality of the new base advantages: fewer pests and diseases,high yield, Mogrosides content can reach more than 8%, far higher than theorigin of GuiLin, Guangxi Luo Han Guo 3% to 5%. The base seedlings are providedby Hunan NutraMax , planting techniques are provided by Huaihua Luo Han GuoAssociation,implementing base to household and formation of large scaleplanting,NutraMax adopts strategy of valuation recovery and leads farmers toget rich efficiently,which supply reliable guarantee that Luo Han Guo Extractproduction need raw materials.

      Hunan NutraMax Inc. Luo Han Guo GAP StandardizedPlanting Base

      Grape Base: Hunan NutraMax Inc.cooperateswith a number of vineyards in Xinjiang Turpan purchases high-quality grapeskin, grape seeds as raw materials for Grape Skin Extract and Grape Seed Extractproduction. Turpan grape production produced by Sheila (Syrah) varieties forthe internationally renowned, not only taste sweet, grape skin, grape seedcontains polyphenols, resveratrol concentrations are higher than ordinaryvarieties, including grape seed polyphenol content is more than 15%, thetrans-resveratrol in grape skin is 1 / 1000 or more. Polyphenols andresveratrol has strong antioxidant properties, can delay cell senescence, whichbring gospel for Human Health.

      Hunan NutraMax Grape GAP Standardized PlantingBase 1

      Hunan Nutramax Grape GAP Standardized PlantingBase 2

      Magnolia Officinalis Plant Base: Hunan NutraMaxInc. cooperates with local rural cooperatives in Hunan Road and safety of thecounty and creates more than 50,000 acres Magnolia Officinalis GAP StandardizedPlanting Base, of which there are more than 10000 acres adult wood with morethan 10years which can be exploited and utilized,which is the strong rawmaterial reserve of

      company's leading product Magnolia Extract .

      Hunan NutraMax Inc. ,Dao County Magnolia OfficinalisGAP Standardized Planting Base .

      Hunan Nutramax Inc . AnHua County, GAP StandardizedPlanting Base of Magnolia

      Ligustrum Lucidum Wild Raw Material Base: HunanNutramax Inc.mobilizes a large number of farmers to pick wild ligustrum lucidumin in Shaoyang,Yongzhou, Hunan.Ligustrum lucidum wild resources are very richin local , Farmers can harvest about 30,000 tons raw materials every year,which supply sufficient and really naturalraw material guarantee for Ligustrum Lucidum Extract production.

      Hunan NutraMax Inc. Shaoyang Ligustrum LucidumWild Resource Base

      Hunan NutraMax Yongzhou Ligustrum Lucidum WildResource Base

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