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      Production Department

      Hunan Nutramax Inc. is a professionalmanufacturer of medicinal plant extracts, with professional production team andstrict scientific management system, and is equipped with pure water equipment,multifunctional extraction tank, three-foot centrifuge, butterfly centrifuge,column chromatography, reverse osmosis membrane device, ceramic membranedevice, outer loop concentrator, extraction column, alcohol recovery tower,heat sterilization, vacuum drying, spray tower, milling machines, sievingmachines, mixing machines, ozone sterilization machines and other advancedproduction equipment.


      Hunan Nutramax processes 1,000 tons of raw materialsper year, has two scientific and technical production lines. The productionworkshops all passed the GMP certification, U.S. FDA, cGMP certification. Ourmain products are: Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract Resveratrol, Grape SkinsExtract Resveratrol, Ginsenosides, Xanthohumol, Tongkat Ali Extract, Vine Tea Extract,Magnolia Bark Extract, Mogrosides, Stevioside, Oleanolic acid, Kudzu Root Extract,Green Tea Extract, and widely exported to North America, Europe, Asia,Southeast Asia and other places. Hunan Nutramax’s Products can be used as rawmaterials additives, nutritional supplements, natural antioxidants and otherforms in health food, beverages and herbal cosmetics industries. 

      The Existing staff of Production Departmentis 78 , at the end of each month, the production manager will make next month'sproduction plan, according to pre-sales product varieties, specifications andother information, then develop implementation strategies, and hand over to theproduction department to complete. According to production plan, productiondepartment will complete the production tasks based on the actual situation, thusto ensure the production task is well completed. During the production process,production manager will occasionally organize coordination meetings to promptlyresolve problems of raw materials, accessory materials, equipment, and so on to.


      Quality Targets   

      1Meeting with customers’ requirements.

      2Pursuing the minimum cost of production cost and the optimization ofproduction process

      3Making production process specialized and standardized.

      4Using the social resources reasonably according to productionnecessity and maximum benefit condition. Choosing cooperation factory with coretechnic still keep in our own side.

      5Grasping and knowing product cost of competitive products, comparingadvantages, short comings, adjusting production process and reducing cost.

      6Rate of equipment in good condition must be more than 90%.

      Production factory appearance: used for the production of the company'sproducts.

      V-type Mixer: The mixer has the superiorstructure and reasonable design concept,with the characteristic of fast mix,uniform mixture,easy to operate and clean,sturdy and durable,compact structure,high technical content and so on.

      It was widely used inpharmaceutical,food,medicinal,feed,condiment industry for  mixture of powder materials.Because ofrotational motion,powder particles in the tilting cylinder alternate, split,merge continuous repeatedly,the materials pass on randomly from v-shaped areato another area,at the same time the powder granule slip between particles andspatial overlay repeatly,the particles distributed on the new surface,shearrepeatedly, diffuse motion to achieve the purpose of mixing.

      ChromatographicColumn: According to the character of different material fill appropriateresin,the difference of material's adsorption force on resin make the  each group seperate.When adopting the solventto elute,the process of a series of adsorption desorption readsorption redesorptionoccur.The moving distance of group with strong adsorption capacity is small andcome out from the column later.The moving distance of group with weakadsorption capcity is wide and come out from the column first. 

      Multifunctional Distill Tank: Multifunctionaldistill tank is widely used in  Chineseherbal medicine and solvent for the technological process of decoctionextraction and heat reflux extraction on the condition of stirring.During theprocess of extraction,it can recycle the volatile oil components.The extractingtank has high efficiency for extracting active ingredients of bulk herbs.Energysaving,the extraction of the active ingredients is more fully,the extractingsolution has the higher drug concentration.The total extraction process isfinished in the closed circulating system,it can extract under ordinary pressure and alsoextract under pressure.

      Reverse Osmosis Membrance: is a kind ofmembrane filtration technology with the pressure difference as impetus,theaperture is small to nanoscale,the membrane separation operation of solventisolated from solution under certain pressure driven.

      It is contrary to natural penetration direction, socalled reverse osmosis.According to the different osmotic pressure of all kindsof material,it can make reverse osmosis which is greater than the osmoticpressure achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification andconcentration.

      Clean area: controlled air suspensionparticle concentration limit space.It should reduce construction and operationof space in, generation and retention particle.Space in other relevantparameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure control in accordance withrequirements.Mainly used for drying products, crushing sieving, mixing, packingand so on production.

      Ceramicmembrane equipment: preparation of inorganic ceramic materials viaspecial workmanship of asymmetric membrane,Ceramic membrane tube wall withmicro holes,Under the influence of pressure, raw material liquid or membrane ofthe lateral flow in the membrane tube,small molecules (or liquid) through themembrane, macromolecule material (or solid) capsule intercept, so as to achievepurpose such as separation, enrichment, purification and environmentalprotection.

      dissolving tank:Tank is equipped with thejacket, heating, cooling, the inner surface using electrolytic mirrorpolishing, no health dead Angle, totally enclosed design to ensure that thematerial is always in a sterile condition, the axial flow mixing, stirringdevice adopts the health level of mechanical seal, interface USES theinternational standard quick clamp, convenient health, equipment equipped withaseptic air breathing apparatus, water inlet, feeding mouth, backflow mouthmouth, disinfection, cleaning ball, sight glasses, flange quick-opening manholedevice, such as training set of tank bottom outlet, outlet, sampling mouth,temperature sensor, liquid level sensor.Applicable to the pharmaceutical,biotechnology, fine chemical, chemical and other industries of dissolving,mixing, reaction, fermentation, etc.

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